White-Label Loyalty and Marketing System

We use proximity technologies and mobile applications
to interact, inform and engage your customers
Mobile Applications

Android and iOS

Management Platform

Manage your users and campaigns

Analytics System

Learn more about your clients and their shopping behaviour

iBeacon Infrastructure

We deploy and maintain the Low Energy Bluetooth Infrastructure

Promote Offers And Deals

To The Right Customers

We use location proximity technologies and mobile apps to help you engage, inform and interact with your customers.

How it works

We identify and quantify user data points, matching them with the best deal you offer, increasing your foot traffic, conversion and sales quota.


Your Customers & Visitors

Reward your users for scanning products, making purchases and for simply entering your store. Our loyalty perks system helps you increase foot traffic and return rate.

How it works

Using micro-location technologies, we identify when a user enters a store and reward them for it. In this way, our system expands upon the classic way of loyalizing a customer: by giving users rewards based solely on product interaction and purchases.

Redeem Points

For Rewards

Users can exchange accumulated pointed for their preferred rewards. The collection of rewards can include coupons, discounts and tangible products.

How it works

With the mobile app, the user selects the reward he desires and then he can simply proceed to a cashier counter to claim it.

Proximity Marketing

Integrated System

With this technology you can inform users when they are near a specific area or product, or in front of your store. This system increases your conversion rate and improves the in-store shopping experience.

How it works

Easily set-up your marketing areas with our management platform and start engaging your users.

Get In Control

With Our Management Platform

Our platform is custom designed to facilitate sole control over your marketing strategy. You can set-up new campaigns and manage the existing ones through a user-friendly interface.

How it works

In order to set-up a new campaign, you just need to enter the number written on your beacon, add information about your campaign and you are ready to go.

iBeacon Technology

Is The Core Of Our

Innovative Proximity System

iBeacon is a small wireless device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-sensing to transmit a universally unique identifier. This identifier is then picked up by a compatible application or operating system.

How it works

The identifier and data transmitted can be used to determine the user’s physical location, track customers, or trigger a location-based action on the device such as a check-in on social media or a push notification.

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